How to use a breadboard?

How to use a breadboard?

A bread board additionally referred to as a protoboard may be a form of solderless electronic circuit board. You’ll be able to produce associate electronic circuit with none attachment on a breadboard!. The simplest factor regarding it is that it’s reusable and simple to handle. It had been built (designed) by EI Instruments Iraqi National Congress.’s Ronald J European nation in 1971.
Prototyping a circuit on a board is additionally referred to as ‘bread boarding ‘.In this article we will go through the gentle introduction of breadboards and bread boarding techniques by using bread board to form a simple electronic circuit.
Let’s start:
Types of Bread board:
There are different kinds of bread boards that you simply will notice in market relying upon you would like. Bread boards are often found in various sizes and functions.
Bread boards are also found on their tendency to withstand the supplied voltage. Generally the bread board are operated in under 5V for 1 Amps or 15V for a third Amps. Means generally it can be used under the power dissipation of 5 watts.
Some of the bread boards have constitutional power supply, some got power supply rail (power supply port) and a few got solely the prototyping section.
The photographs of various types of bread boards that you simply will found in market are as follows:

How will the bread board work?

Basically, a bread board is associate array of semi conductive metal clips incased in an exceedingly box product of white plastic (mostly white, you can also found in other colors), wherever every clip is insulated with another clips.
There square measure sort of holes on the plastic box, organized in an exceedingly specific fashion.
A typical bread board layout consists of two styles of region put together mentioned as strips. Namely Bus strips and socket strips.
Bus strips square measure usually accustomed provide power provide to the circuit. It consists of two columns, one for power voltage and different for ground.
Socket strips are used to hold the most of the components in an electronic circuit. Generally it consists of two sections each with 5 rows and sixty four columns. Every column is electrically connected from inside and the rows are insulated (i.e. not connected with each other).
bread board conn
Connection inside a breadboard
nickel strips2
nickel strips1
nickel strips1
nickel strips2
Nickel Silver clips are present inside that holds the elements (i.e. components).

Let’s Understand Bread boarding Technique by creating simple circuits:

Okay enough talking, now we are going to see how to make practical application of a bread board. We will designed some circuits and find out how a bread board practically works.
  • First we will see how to make a simple resistor networks.
Things we are going to need for making our circuits:
1. Breadboard
2. Resistors 4x220ohm
3. Multimeter
Step 1:
Take R1 and place one lead in A5 and another lead in A15 .Take R2 and place its ends up in B15 and B25. Currently 2 resistors are asynchronous mode
Res Conn1
Res Conn 1.1
Res  conn 1.2
Res conn 1.2
Step 2:
Now take your multimeter and set to live resistance .Then place one lead on A5 another on A15.It should show 100 ohm. Now move the lead on A15 to A25 it should show 200ohm.
Res Conn 2
Res Conn 2
Step 3:
Take R3 and place one lead in D5 another in D15 and place R4 in E15 and E25.
Step 4:
Now measure from D5 and D15 .It will be 50 ohm and measure D5 and E25 .It should show 100 ohm
Res  conn 3
Res conn 3
So what it means?? It means that R1 and R2 are series since they aren’t within the same lane and R1 and R3 are parallel as a result of they are within the same lane.
To know more about an electric circuits visit this link- What is an electric circuit?
  • Now we are going to make a simple circuit with LEDs!!!
What we are going to need:
1. LED (white)
2. 220 ohm electrical device
3. Solid copper jumper wire
4. 9 volt power supply/battery
Step 1:
Put the LED on the board
Step 2:
Put a jumper wire on the anode aspect and one leg of the electrical device on the cathode aspect of LED
Step 3:
Insert the wire on the positive power bus and different leg of the electrical device on the negative power bus.
Led circuit
Led circuit prototype

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