What are the best Machine Learning Tutorials on Youtube?

These days youtube has become one of the best website for videos sharing, streaming and earning online. Youtube community has grown in such a way that you can find almost videos from every fields in it. In past years it mostly contained entertaining videos, but nowadays, along with entertainment, it has also become one of the most popular platform for education. It contains educational videos and lectures almost from fields.

Talking about Machine Learning,with increase in its popularity and wide range of application, people are heading towards learning it. And you can find thousands of videos and lectures on machine learning over youtube which are uploaded by universities, experts and students working on that field.
Some of the best Machine Learning tutorials that I have gone through and heard of, can be found in following youtube channels
  • Machine Learning-Andrew Ng, Standford University[FULL COURSE]

    This Lecture series is given by Andrew Ng, who is one of the experienced Computer Scientist, Leader in AI, Inventor and Entrepreneur of Silicon valley. This series covers all the essential and important topics on machine learning with proper explanation. This series focuses more on understanding of algorithms and techniques of machine learning than implementing  it in code. 

  • Lecture Collection |Machine Learning

    This is the lecture series given by Andrew Ng in one of the batches in Standford University. It also touches most of the algorithms and techniques in machine learning.

  • Siraj Raval

    This channel not only includes tutorials on machine learning, but also contains videos that give you hints and tricks to learn machine learning easily. If you follow his instructions, then it will become easier a lot for you to go through any of the machine learning lectures or books. The channel also contains different videos on kaggle competitions. 

  • Victor Lavrenko

    In this Lecture series the topics are divides into small episodes, due to which it has become easier to understand each topics easily. It also contains about applied Machine learning algorithm and techniques.

  • Paul G. Allen School

    This is also a lecture series that contains 10 videos all total. The videos are highly informative however are quiet lengthy. If you go through all of the 10 videos, then you will have sufficient understanding about machine learning and its algorithms

  • Machine Learning Course MIT OpenCousreware

    This lecture series also focuses on the development of algorithms and techniques of machine learning rather than coding. This Series contains all total 22 videos with separate topics covered. This series will help you a lot if you want to have core understanding of  the machine learning algorithms.

  • Machine Learning With Python

    If you want to learn Machine Learning algorithms and implement them simultaneously in python, then this tutorial series might help you a lot. It contains basics of most of the algorithms in ML and their respective codes in Python.

  • Simplilearn

    This tutorial series strongly focuses on coding than the algorithms. However you can find some short and clear explanations of algorithms with examples.

  • edureka!

    It also focuses on writing code in  python rather going deep into algorithms.You can get good practical understanding of machine learning after going through this tutorial series.

These are some of the best tutorial and lecture series on Machine learning that I have gone through and heard of. There might be some other tutorials that are even more informative than these. You can also find separate videos on specific topics that might contains better explanations than that of these series.

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