How to Make Money From Machine learning?

How to Make Money From Machine learning?

Machine Learning is an emerging technology as well as a great field of research, but how are you supposed to earn a living from it? Lets see 6 different ways that anyone can earn money from anywhere in the world using machine learning.

 The famous 6 common Ways to make money from machine learning that we will be dealing about are:
  • Start a Startup: If you have good knowledge on AI and Machine Learning and you have a supportive team, then starting a startup might be the best way to earn money.You can set up a AI research lab and AI solution firms that provides solutions to the problems of local as well reputed enterprise. You can also set up your own AI company that develops AI for other companies.
  • Developing Apps: It is a great way to make money. In fact, a recent study showed that subscription-based apps make 50 percent more money per user compared to apps with other types of in-app purchases.Initially try to develop and earn through a simple new AI apps on smartphones. The new AI apps in smart phones are an incredible example of AI’s power to transform our society and as AI becomes a larger part of our everyday lives .
  • Job or Internship: This probably is the most common way of earning money. First get an internship job by doing free. “Internship is all about experience”. Once you are experienced enough you can easily find a job in companies as an machine learning expert near your location or on internet that will pay you.
  • Educational Content: If you are good enough in writing,you can also earn money by writing books and articles on machine learning online or offline. You can also write blogs on Machine learning. If Your writing skills are excellent then publishers might come by themselves, reading your articles and blogs, to you to ask you for writing for them.
  • Automated Trading Bot: If you can do, then it might be the best option from where you can make lots of money. Most of the peoples are making lots of money by creating a complete fully automated trading solutions.


Few of them are:

  • Competitions: You can also earn money by accepting challenge with real-world machine learning problems. Join the ML Competitions and earn money.

Few competitions include: Kaggle Innocentive Tunedit

These days Kaggle Competitions are very popular. Kaggle is place where you can learn by practicing data science projects. It provides wide range of datasets to practice, discussions to discuss queries, kernels to practice coding and competitions to test your ability. If you have good kaggle profile i.e..high scores and have participated in much of kaggle competitions, then any company might hire you. In additions to these, the kaggle competitions are featured with good prizes in which you can participate with your team.


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