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Howdy, Readers!

Welcome to KRAJ Education-A perfect place to land on for ML, DL, AI, Robotics, and computer programming enthusiast!!

Here is what you will find on KRAJ Education:

  • Theoretical and programming concepts on Machine Learning, Deep learning, and computer programming.
  • Answers of frequently asked questions in Machine learning, Deep learning, and computer programming.
  • Basic to advance tutorials on robotics and automation.

We are Engineering Students and Science & Technology enthusiast from Nepal. We are actively working in the field of learning and sharing knowledge for a long time, and KRAJ Education is a part of it. We are currently sharing information and ideas about AI, Machine learning, Robotics, and Computer programming on this website. All the contents published in this site are purely original and related to science and technology. All our authors are experienced in their respective fields.







Name: Keshav Raj Sharma

Email: keshavs759@gmail.com

Facebook: Keshav Raj sharma

LinkedIn: Keshav Raj sharma

Contact no: +9779868709293

Education: Currently(2019) student of Bacheors in Electrical Engineering, IOE, Pulchowk Campus, TU, Nepal.

Active member of Robotics Association of Nepal[RAN] since June 2019.


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